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Scheepjes Sock Ruler


Scheepjes wooden Sock Ruler
Sizes socks from s.30 to s.47
Includes needle measurer for needles 2mm to 4mm

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The Scheepjes sock ruler is indispensable when knitting socks.
You can use the sock ruler to easily check the measurements of your socks while knitting by inserting them into your knitting.
The ruler shows the foot length of the sock for shoe sizes 30 to 47, so you know when to start the toe decreases.
One side of the ruler has indications in centimeters and European shoe sizes and the other side has inches and UK and US shoe sizes.
In the middle there is a recess of 30cm/12 inches long, with which you can measure your knitting. This is also ideal for determining the knitting tension of a test piece, for example.
As a handy extra, the sock ruler has a built-in knitting needle gauge for needle sizes 2.00mm to 4.00mm.
The Scheepjes sock ruler is made of wood and has a beautiful natural look.

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