Auxiliary needles

Auxiliary needles

Cable needles, stitch holders, etc.

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  • 3 wool needles


    Wool and tapestry (smyrna) needles
    With gold plated eye
    Package of 3 smyrna needles
    Prym No.1 (70x2.40mm) , No. 3 (60x1.90mm) and Prym Nr 5 (50x1,20mm)
    The best German quality

  • Klaver Cable Needles


    Set of  3 plastic cable needles Klaver:
    -  3,00mm  color blue
    -  4,00mm color pink
    -  5,00mm color green

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  • KnitPro Cable Needles


    Set of  2 aluminium cable needles KnitPro:
    -  2,5mm (US2)  color blue
    -  4,00mm (US6) color satin pink

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  • KnitPro point protectors


    Two (2) blue small KnitPro point protectors for needles sizes from 2mm to 5mm
    Set of 2 pieces

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  • KnitPro Rejoice Pom Pom Makers


    Set of 4 pom pom makers in attractive colours and various sizes

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  • KnitPro Stitch Holder


    Set of  3 aluminium stitch holders KnitPro:
    -  Large: 16,5cm (6,5")  color blue
    -  Medium: 11,5cm (4,5") color satin pink
    -  Small: 8,3cm (3,25) color gold

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  • Knitting thimble


    Prym Knitting thimble
    Plastic knitting thimble for knitting with different colours (jacquard, Norwegian or Fair Isle style.)
    Separates the different colours of yarn preventing them to entangle while knitting and prevents knots.
    For a maximum of 4 threads.
    Made in Germany

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  • Wool needle


    Wool and tapestry (smyrna) needles
    With white eye (metallic plated)
    Prym No.1 (70x2.40mm)
    Sold by units and without packaging to prevent unnecessary environmental costs.
    The best German quality