Extrafine Merino 120

Extrafine merino 120

EXTRA FINE MERINO 120, is fine Merino wool, soft, glossy and machine- washable . EXTRA FINE MERINO 120 is comprised of 6 fine Merino wool threads which have been treated to be machine-washable. The wool of the Merino sheep is characterized by its extreme softness, much softer than that of other sheep and does not scratch when in direct contact with the skin. This wool is suited for all types of projects: warm, light and comfortable, from jerseys and cardigans to soft and warm shawls, collars, scarves, caps and gloves 

Composition: 100% extra fine merino wool super wash
Skein of 50 g, aprox 120 m (131 yards)
Gauge 10x10 cm = 22st x 30r
Needles: 3,5mm to 4 mm

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