• Bio Lana

    BIO LANA is pure organic wool (biological / ecological). It is a soft, versatile yarn that can be used for both clothing to create decorative objects and unique creations that give our home a warm and cozy feel. Its balanced range of natural tones and colours allows us to play with them and create wonderful jacquard designs. Organic wool is from sheep that have been fed with grass lacking fertilizers or pesticides. All their food is natural and also the use of drugs in these animals is totally controlled. The entire chain from grass to spinning, dyeing and subsequent storage is certified to ensure high quality product respecting the need for environmental sustainability. This certification guarantees that the wool is tested and controlled at all stages of processing and is free of harmful substances. The use of organic wool for woven garments reduces the risk of allergies and irritations due to be free of chemicals; it is a respect for animals and the environment in general. Being free from chemical residues its softness, elasticity and its thermal qualities remains intact. Especially suitable for sensitive skins or for babies. This wool is certified Global Organic Textile Standard, ICEA and Oeko-Tex standard 100 Composition; Organic (ecological) wool 100% Skeins of 50 g, ±100m (109 yards) Tension 10x10 cm = 15st x 20r Needles: 4,5mm to 5,5mm

  • Bio Soft

    BIO SOFT is a medium tickness cotton yarn but at the same time soft, spongy and light. Its cultivation, collection, spinning and dyeing process is certified as organic (ecological). The lack of toxic residues (pesticides and bleaches) makes the organic cotton wool much softer than the common cotton wool; it “breathes” more and prevents allergies derived from chemical products. Especially suitable for delicate skins or babies, ideal for knitting all types of projects, from summer jerseys, tops and coats to accessories such as bags and bonnets, etc. Composition: 100% organic cotton (ecologic) Weight and footage: 100g approx. 140 m (153 yards) Tension: 10 x 10cm = 14 stitches x 20 rows Needles 5mm to 6 mm

  • Scilla

    SCILLA is a light, fresh, breathable and resistant cotton ribbon. Its flat texture, once knitted provides lightness, flexibility, resistance and an aspect with a different touch. Especially suitable for summer jerseys tops and coats, although also for accessories such as bags, shawls or any other project. Composition: 100% cotton ribon tape Weight and footage: 50g approx. 110 m (120 yards) Tension: 10 x 10cm = 22 stitches x 26 rows Needles 4,5mm to 5 mm